The Noise

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My first blog post ever. What topic is important enough for my first blog post ever? How would I even start something like that? Am I gonna be good at this? Who’s gonna read it? Do I even want them to read it? Why can’t I just start writing something? Why is it so hard to write my first blog post ever???

Does it seem loud in here?

“The Noise.” Those thoughts that spring up in direct response to productive brain activity. Playing one after another, sometimes on top of each other, just like the music at that party where you let your cousin’s friend DJ, so he could “practice”.

He’s got a long way to go.

Now, let’s be honest this isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, it’s a blog post. But dial up “The Noise” and you feel like you’re trying to reconnect nerves, with a pair of chopsticks, upside-down, on Saturn.

We’ve all been there, heard it, felt that deafening beat drop. In fact you might even be hearing it right now. So how can we swap out that DJ or at least get them to turn down the noise and keep the tracks straight?

The Simple Answer: I don’t know, if I did I’d tell you

The Complex Answer: I don’t know… however…. “The Noise”, as well as other people and situations, are always going be there to distract both of us. Sometimes they’re going to win and we are going to get a little lost. But I know that lost is ok as long as you never forget where you’re going.   

So when you keep fighting and finally get that win, here’s what I say to that horrible DJ lurking in the corners of my mind…

Crank the volume up to 11 because you can’t beat me today.

Days like this are days when I do amazing things.

You know, the kind of days when you finally write your first blog post ever!


  1. I totally love this. We each have to contend with some “noise” in our heads, and true, sometimes they win, sometimes we do. I’m so glad you did. And now you have a thriving blog. A big congratulations!

    1. Author

      Really appreciate your comment and thanks for the support! I also like your site too! I guess you didn’t listen to “the noise” either!

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