5 Least Favorite Things About Moving Back Home

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1. Where Do I Go for…Everything?

One of my favorite bars in the world was about a 2 minute walk off campus. This bar was so chill. It’s broken up into 4 sections they have an area with big soft love seats if you are bringing a date to drink with, a long community style table, a dining area with stained wood tables, and two patio areas one right in front of the bar and the other on the roof! This bar is fantastic! If you ever go to UNC Chapel Hill I’m talking about Tru right off Franklin St. near the post office. Anytime I went I would know people, and all the bartenders knew me by name and would say hey as I walked in. Sigh… Now that fall has ended it is time to find some new go to bars, and everything else too!

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2. Missing the Old Crew

This one doesn’t have to always be true but for me I went to college about 2 hours from home and even that “close” you can’t just pop up to the school to see your friends every day. At 2 hours away they might as well be on the other side of the world because for the past 4 years they were down the hall or across the street, at the most a 3 min drive away. Now you have to text them to say what you would usually yell across the hall to tell them. Let’s add to that, that even though you are home a lot of your friends from back in the day aren’t home anymore, and you get to put yourself out there to make new friends…yay!

I have a whole article about how to keep up with college friends, click here!

3. Whose House is This?

You’ve been gone 4 years! Even if you came home once a month things are different. They are building a new mall and they tore down that place you used to get bagels from every weekend in high school. Your neighbors might have moved and there might be somebody new down the street that keeps trying to steal your mail. Also being home after being at college always makes you feel like there’s nothing to do. Home isn’t the place you left it might be similar but a lot of stuff is different and now you have to get used to those changes, amidst all the other things that are changing.

4. The Rules of Home

Coming back home means living under a roof that you didn’t pay for…which most of the time means following someone else’s rules. College was great because it gives you a real sense of independence. If you don’t want to come home till 4am then don’t come home till 4am. If you want to have a friend over then have them over. And if you don’t want to clean today then don’t. However, when you move back home, all of that freedom kinda flies out of the window.

Now you have to check with someone for most of the decisions that you used to make for yourself. Depending on how strict your parents or guardians are you may have to check with them for all things involving the house. These may include: having guests, people spending the night, curfews, and cleaning schedules (to name a few).

5. Haters Gonna Hate

There is a very big stigma attached to living at home after graduation. A lot of people see it as a failure. Believing that something must be wrong if you still live in your parent’s house. Some people even express sympathy and pity when you tell them. Most of my friends that live at home don’t tell that many people and neither do I because even if we chose to live at home it seems like people immediately judge that we have in some way failed.

Next Time!

So in this post I have looked at some of my least favorite things about living at home and this is by no means an exhaustive list, but in the next End of Fall post we’re gonna take a look at my Top 5 Favorite Things About Moving Back Home because there are definitely some good things! And you can read that post here!


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