Be in the Know this Cuffing Season

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5 Things Everyone Needs to Know this Cuffing Season

1.What is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing Season describes the time from the end of summer to the beginning of spring where people that didn’t want to be tied down by a relationship during the warmer, arguably more exciting months, feel the need to be “cuffed” (tied to a relationship).

This is usually because during the cooler months there are not as many things to do outside of the house and single people feel lonely.

2. Make Moves Early


Getting close but not quite!

The first day you feel that temperature drop below 60 degrees you start looking for that winter (potentially longer) companion. Don’t be the person sitting there mid-snowstorm like, “I wish I had somebody here to warm me up.” Sorry they are down the street keeping somebody else warm.

It’s just like the job search you gotta throw some applications out to get considered… it’s rare that you get a job (that you really want) without a little footwork!

3. If You Date Online Its Time to Change the Profile

Take away some of the beach pics cause ain’t nobody at the beach. Leave one or two if you are trying show off a little but the rest should be something more in line with the season. Something with some snow or some hot chocolate and a winter hat could work!

Also change the bio to talk about sitting by the fire together or something, paint me a picture people.

4. Cuffing Season is Not an Excuse to be a Jerk

Figure out if you actually want a relationship don’t be out here leading people on just because you’re lonely! It’s so easy to say something like hey I like you but I’m not really looking for anything too serious!

It might hurt their feelings but I think it’s much better than having them think you want to be together forever and the first time the weather hits 60 degrees you’re out the door.

5. Make the Most of it!

Remember that person you were crushing on all summer? Call them up

Might be time to reach out to an old friend, you’re both different people now you never know sparks might fly! (That’s actually what happened to me back in August and I’ll make a post on that soon)

Before I Go…

Wanted to say being alone during cuffing season or anytime really isn’t a failure, I know some people who are alone and really happy, I also know a decent amount of people in relationships that wish they were alone lol!

wedding-rings1A lot of people take the cuffing to the next level during these cooler months and get engaged or married! Not for me just yet but y’all do your thing!

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