5 Favorite Things About Moving Back Home

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No Expenses

I have a very sympathetic landlord. Very kind. Very gracious. Yes, I am free loading.


Notice how I chose dollar bills…gotta keep it realistic lol!

But to be fair I am looking for jobs like crazy and working to start my own business, so progress is being made! I actually posted about the job search here! Also I will start paying rent as soon as I get a job paying some real money, with some real hours, currently I get 16 a week from my “real” job and then supplement that with side work. Also free meals just seem to pop up all the time!

"It's a MILLENNIAL Thing!"

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The New Old Crew

Obviously you’re not trying to hang out with ALL of the old friends but there are definitely some that it’s worth shooting a text too.

I have had a lot of luck with people that I was acquainted with but didn’t know really well in high school… and even middle school. Back in school we might have had to guess at each other’s last names, but now we see each other all the time.

Support on Top of Support

As many of you know the job search, as well as life in general is brutal… BRUTAL!

So living at home does offer the benefit of having my strongest support system right under the same roof. Not to get to sappy but the encouragement does help, even if you’re as self-confident as me.

Another aspect of the support is that I can call on not only my network but hers as well. Not to say that I couldn’t do that if I was living somewhere else but it’s definitely easier from home especially when I can go to her networking events.

Some Things Stayed the Same and Some Got Better

In my last post I talked a lot about how my hometown had changed, but not all of it did. Some things are exactly how I left them. My Chinese food place is still within delivery distance. I still have Men’s Warehouse and some of my favorite people still work there.

My movie theatre is still there and even got better (you should definitely checkout some of AMC’s new theatres! Mine serves real food now, you can reserve seats, and it even has a bar). Even though a lot has changed it actually makes it easier to notice the stuff that has stayed the same. And most importantly we got a Chipotle!!!

It’s Home!

This may seem like a no brainer but just being in a familiar place is nice. I like my house a lot and the way everything is, in my part of it. Home is a comfortable place to be!

Moving back home isn’t all sunshine and roses there are definitely some downsides to it that you can read about here!





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