The Mountain Between Us (In 500 words or less)

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The Review

There will be spoilers! Only read the first half if you plan on seeing this movie!!!

So critics seem to think that this movie was lukewarm at best but I thought it was pretty good. The story follows characters played by Idris Elba and Kate Winslet, I’m not going to use their character names because as far as I’m concerned it is Elba and Winslet surviving up there on that mountain. We follow the pair trying to find their way back to civilization after surviving a plane crash in a snowcapped mountain range. The adventure down the mountain was nothing really to write home about, it was pretty standard.

However… Idris Elba + Kate Winslet + Camera = amazing.


Why aren’t they together in real life?

The witty dialogue as well as the emotion they brought to their characters, made them feel like real people. Sometimes movies, survival movies especially, lose the human aspect of the film in order to have one perilous event after the next, having you constantly worry about if the characters live or die while they make speeches about the nature of the soul and their own mortality. The Mountain Between Us takes a real step back from some of these deeper questions and instead dares to ask, how is Kate Winslet gonna pee with her broken leg? Well let me tell you, you’re gonna find out if you go see this movie!

Okay forreal spoilers now of a movie ruining quality!!!

I really appreciated how the movie didn’t just end when they got to safety, The Mountain Between Us finally answers the question every survival movie watcher wants to know, what happens when they get home???

This was a perfect movie to give us this last 15mins of wrap-up with.

These actors are extremely likeable the entire time. We get really sweet emotional scenes culminating in the sex scene in the cabin that the audience basically came to the theatre for, and then we get to see them re-acclimating to regular life where they might not be together. What happens when Winslet goes back? She has a fiancé! Elba is going back to his life as a surgeon. Do they stay together??? Most survival movies just let us figure that out for ourselves, because their characters aren’t likeable enough as people for us to actually want another 15 mins of movie chronicling their dreary lives after. In contrast with this movie I was in the theatre hoping that they would get together and when they did it was fantastic, and now I really think they should be together in real life.


I wouldn’t mind getting into a plane crash with these two!

Date Night

This is a fantastic date movie that’s actually how I saw it! The plot isn’t complicated enough that it demands complete silence, and it’s about 50/50 romance and survival drama with a good dash of comedy. If you want to read more of my thoughts on dating and relationships check out some of those post here.

I’d give this movie a 5.5/10!


  1. Great & witty summary! 🙂 I appreciate the fact you told us they will explain what happens when they are rescued. (You are right. These types of movies usually keep us guessing.) I will keep this in mind to watch on video. Thank you.

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