My Stories: Wait, She Took My Notes???

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This is the story of how in one night I not only got my heart broken, but also got stolen from! I am willing to take some responsible here because I know how I was… am, with relationships I get attached very easily, your boy is out here trying to fall in love! To keep things in perspective we were not exclusive…in her mind, but to me we absolutely were. Who knew there was a distinction between dating and exclusive dating?

Checkout this post on me trying to navigate the minefield of defining a relationship here.

So you know when you think everything is going great and then she hits you with… “Yeah so I’m also sleeping with this other guy”?…I hope you have no idea what I’m talking about. But if you do then this story will feel kinda familiar.

To give you some background this happened about my 2nd week of college. I met this girl at a college send-off party that the school hosted and we instantly hit it off. We talked a little bit after that but nothing too serious. Now, fast forward to us at school we saw each other at least 3x a week

…And like an idiot I transferred into one of her classes…WHY WOULD I DO THAT?

This was my first mistake.

Week and a half in she invites me to a “party” that she is having in her room and I took my friend Jake (his name is not Jake) so I would know someone besides her. This “party” turns into about 10 people sitting in a semi-circle watching FouseyTube (a Youtuber that Jake and I hated but you know to each their own).

My second mistake, Youtube never lies if you don’t like their Youtube you don’t like them!

So party dies down and she invites me to stay over I give my boy that signal that basically says, “Well done wingman your work is done.” At this moment she tells him that he can stay in her roommate’s bed…Full disclosure her roommate is home for the weekend but it doesn’t really make that much better. Like a good wingman and reasonable human being he declines. I tell him to, “Get home safe” and then it’s just me and her, so we start doing some stuff and then it seems like she’s trying to have sex.

And ya boi J-Free is like hold up I ain’t even feeling all that!

So at this point in my life I was pretty resigned to saving myself for marriage, I wasn’t really sure why it was a good idea but the point was I made a decision. That decision has since been amended but not just everybody can get sex…IGHT! Let’s at least be exclusive and committed first!

My third mistake…not explaining all that to her…this is a pretty big one but there’s one more coming!

So after a semi awkward night of very little below the waist touching. I’m thinking everything is great and floating on air!

Now we hangout like this a couple more times and then fast forward to maybe a week later everything is cool we got a study date in the library and then back to her room for a little PG-13 cuddling. While we were studying I give her the notes from the class that we have together, because she missed a day. Walking back to her place she hits me with the old, “We need to talk.”


My poor poor notes…I want them back!!!

I’m sitting there like a little baby bunny who doesn’t know anything can be wrong with the world and without even mincing words she tells me that she is, “Sleeping with this other guy and wants to date him so we are done.” I’m not sure what happens when you drop a truck full of bricks on a baby bunny but I assume it’s about the same thing that happened to me. Like I was just so awestricken I know I said something but I can’t remember it, it’s like a blank spot in my mind. Now I take a loooong walk home.

And in between the crying and wondering where it all went wrong I have one thought that bubbles up to the surface, “Wait She Took My Notes!”



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      Haha preciate it I’ve definitely made a fair amount of mistakes when it comes to dating so hopefully someone can learn from them…at the very least lots of them are funny stories now!

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      Thanks!!! Yeah I always try to learn something from these things so now nobody gets to leave with my notes hahaha… I’m thinking about doing more posts like this so hit that follow button if you liked it!

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