5 Things I Hate About the Job Search Pt.1

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I decided this would be Part 1 because I still don’t have a (full-time) job, so I’m sure this list will get longer… or at the very least the sections will get more filled out! The End of Fall/ College for me means the beginning of the job hunt so here’s what I think you should watch out for! (Click here to read my End of Fall post)

Application Black Hole


So did anyone get my resume? (I took this at the Cliffs of Moher)

The internet has given us many exciting and amazing things that have undoubtedly made our lives easier and better…online applications are not one of those things! Maybe I am the only one that feels like this but whenever I send my resume to one of the big job sites I feel like I might as well have taken it, crumbled it up into a ball, and thrown it into the ocean. Then I could just sit on the beach and pray that I get a job…

…Actually I might try that, it’s going on my to-do list!

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Head Hunters

I haven’t had too many interactions with head hunters… two to be exact, and if I hadn’t seen them in person I probably would have thought they were the same person. I ended up just never returning their calls because it seemed like a waste of time. They always get your hopes up with the same little pitch, “I found a job I think you would be perfect for, let me present it to my manager”, rinse and repeat until the end of time.

At this point I stop listening to voicemails when they start with, “I just had a job opportunity come across my desk…” (click)

Getting Coffee aka Hot Bean Water

The networking drink of choice is of course coffee…because apparently everyone in the whole world likes it…except me! Networking is already difficult enough, why does it have to be over coffee? Can’t we go grab a drink and talk? Come to think of it I have a coffee meeting Thursday this week.

I know some of you are reading this and saying why doesn’t he just order something else, usually coffee places sell other things right? My answer to that would be yes they do but I feel like not getting coffee sets the wrong tone. Maybe they don’t actually care but I feel like if I’m going to get coffee with a potential employer and I run back to the table with a soda, or some tea they aren’t going to take me seriously! Maaaaybe I’m reading too much into this one…

Drowning in Emails

It is so great to look at your phone after being away for a little while and seeing that a bunch of people want to talk with you or at the very least thought they needed to say something to you, and this usually occurs on my phone in the form of texts and Facebook Messenger. But since I started the job search that has become clutter that’s in the way of me seeing how many new e-mails I have gotten since the last time I checked…5 mins ago. Gone are the days of having hundreds of unopened emails. Now I leave texts unanswered to sort through the junk mail hoping to read something job or networking related! Who have I become???


The final hurtle! Once you have done all this other stuff on the list and managed to push through all the red tape trying to keep you from this job, they give you one more chance to mess it up! Are you serious?

In my last interview some of the feedback was that they thought I was a little too comfortable… it was an interview at my mom’s job and some of my friends work there… of course I was comfortable. It’s just so damn subjective!


When they straight up lie to you about the job, especially common in commission based sales, and call centers… so be careful out there y’all!

Have you experienced any of these? What do you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


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