Blog News: WE ARE MOVING!!!

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You may have noticed that there hasn’t been too much activity here in the past few days… you may not have. Well either way it is because I have some big news!!!

We are getting a new site!!!

On Friday of last week I became the owner of the domain name! I am super excited to start making this blogging thing a little bit more official looking! My WordPress bloggers probably know that it makes it a little harder for potential subscribers/ followers to take you seriously when your URL has at the end. I decided it was time to venture into the world of self-hosting with my own site!

And the .org has made all the difference!!!

Now I could have just moved and brought the old site over but that wouldn’t be any fun. The good part about moving is that you are rewarded for all the work that you put in by getting something that is hopefully bigger and better, and at the very least different.

So How do You Move?

I‘m sure most of you have moved at least once. It is A LOT of work! You have to find a new house either with a broker or you have to do the leg work yourself, negotiate the price, and then close on the house. Next you have to you have to put everything you own into a box. This part sounds easy until you try to do it. Now ship all that stuff to the new address and then you get to unpack it! Now find a place for everything that you had in the old house and decide what things don’t have a place anymore and should be thrown out.guys-2902059_1920

This is an absolute best case scenario, it assumes that the seller doesn’t try and back out of your contract last minute. It assumes that you don’t have any financial problems during the move. It assumes that there is nothing wrong with the new house, the movers get everywhere on time, nothing breaks, nobody is sad about leaving the old house, everything is perfect with the neighbors, the list goes on.

Long story short it assumes a lot.

So can you imagine going through all that work to move into exactly the same place??? You get to the new house and realize everything is exactly the same except your wallet is a whole lot lighter…and you still have to unpack… HELL NO!!!

I decided to overhaul the whole site!

I bought a new theme, learned a little CSS coding, and dusted off my copy of Adobe Illustrator in order to make a new site that stands way above the old one.

I have called tech support so many times that they just answer the phone, ‘What’s up Jeff?” But I think it was all worth it let me know what you think in the comments below.

The new site is going to be at If you already follow this site you’ll automatically get updates about posts at the new site! If you aren’t currently following or subscribed to this site follow the link below and smack that follow button so you won’t miss a thing!

Here’s a quick sneak peak!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.00.56 PM.png

The new J-Free site goes live Sunday November 19th!!!

See you there!

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