Thor Ragnarok: Review

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The most critically acclaimed Marvel movie ever, Thor: Ragnarok, does it live up to the hype?

I am gonna preface this with, no, I have not read the comics. I have done some light reading on the Wiki so my view of these movies is purely based on being a lover of movies and super heroes.

So how did we get here?!


The first Thor movie introduced us to the Asgardian prince as well as his brother Loki who is hands down the best villain Marvel has produced! This movie was made so that we casual fans had some background on how Marvel claimed Norse Mythology. We got a little background we had some laughs and it wasn’t anything to write home about.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor Ragnarok: Review

This could have been the whole movie… Swirly semi-solid…

Then we had the second movie, Thor: The Dark World…really a commercial for the Avengers: Age of Ultron. This movie gave us some laughs especially when Thor and his hammer were flying all over the 9 realms and New York. I gotta admit it was hilarious watching the hammer try and get back to Thor with the portals in the way. And watching Thor take the subway back to the fight was comedic gold! However if you take out the laughs in the 3rd act this movie was pretty lacking.

Remember Malaketh and what his plan was… yeah me neither! It was some vague take over the universe thing which didn’t matter because all he was there to do was show us another infinity stone! There has got to be a better way Marvel!

(I’ll do some longer reviews of these movies in the coming weeks but this one is about Thor: Ragnarok!)

Now that we know how we got here let’s talk about it!

(Mild Spoilers but not movie ruining…you can keep reading)

Thor Ragnarok: Review

Thor at the Arena

Thor: Ragnarok follows our favorite blond haired prince as he tries to stop the events that would lead to the destruction of Asgard. If you saw Thor: The Dark World and you made it through all the science is magic is science mumbo jumbo, then you remember that Loki after faking his own death returned to Asgard and usurped the throne from his adopted father Odin, the Allfather.

Ragnarok begins with Thor’s return to Asgard and the reveal that Loki has be posing as Odin since the last movie, ruling over Asgard and making the people learn of his glorious and tragic fate. (Loki through some unknown means was able to banish Odin, an all-powerful being, to Earth so either Odin just left willingly or Loki has been really holding out on us in his past fights.)

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Okay we have come to the forreal spoilers of a movie ruining nature! Tread with care!!!

Thor Ragnarok: Review

That moment when the Goddess of Death catches your hammer…

Unknown to the brothers, Loki’s actions have set in motion events that could lead to the destruction of Asgard. The absence and weakening of Odin has led to the release of Hela, the Goddess of Death, Odin’s first born and most powerful offspring. With Hela on the move and extinction level threats baring down on Asgard there seems to be little Thor can do to stop the destruction of his home.

And turns out he can’t stop it! (PS. He definitely could have the Hulk was about to handle it!)

This movie follows the events that lead to Ragnarok, aka the destruction of Asgard…This is technically not a spoiler Ragnarok literally means destruction of Asgard…read a little more people!

Marvel didn’t make that one up some of these characters have been a ground for awhile.

My Top Ten Moments from Thor: Ragnarok

  1. The parts from the trailers…when Loki sees that the Hulk is the champion of the Colosseum and when Hela catches the hammer!
  2. The part when Thor is spinning around on the chain in front of Surtur… and really that whole opening sequence!
  3. The part when the Hulk was about to mess up the plan and kill Surtur!
  4. The parts in the vault when Hela said the Infinity Gauntlet was fake (a MAJOR issue that Marvel fixed brilliantly), and the part when Loki slowed down to look at the Teseract!
  5. The parts with the Grandmaster (especially at the end when he says the revolution was a tie)!
  6. The parts with Korg (Rock Guy)!
  7. The parts when we get to see the Hulk interact with Valkyrie and Thor in the training center!
  8. The part with Doctor Strange (I really want to see Loki vs. Strange again)!
  9. The part when Banner jumps out of the ship and slams into the rainbow bridge!
  10. The part when Odin says that both Thor and Loki are his sons, and tells Loki that Freya, his mother, would be proud of him!


The movie was so good! You could throw a dart at any random scene from the storyboard and you’d probably be hitting something great!

Thor Ragnarok: Review

One of the only things I didn’t like was this poster…too much stacking!

The change in tone from a more serious first movie to a full on Ant-Man level of comedy in this one was a welcome change and really allowed this movie to stand leagues beyond most of the other ones. I’m not sure that it is my top Marvel movie yet, I still need to see it a few more times but it is easily in my top 5.

I would give Thor: Ragnarok an 8.5/10! You have to go check it out!!!

Have you seen Ragnarok? What did you think of the comedic style? Is it the best Marvel movie so far? What was your favorite part? Do you like the longer reviews or are you more a fan of the shorter ones?

Let me know down in the comments below and be sure to check out some of my other reviews by clicking here!


  1. Thanks for your review. I wasn’t too sure what the movie was about and now I do.

    1. The whole movie was really good I thought they were over hyping it but it was fantastic!!!

  2. Liked your review. I agree and Loki is a favorite of mine. Course we all love Thor, but Korg is now another favorite. The accent is great.

  3. Fantastic post! I admit I totally want to see the Loki Strange face-off again too! Two of my favorite people in the same frame!

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