Top 5 Things to do After Graduation

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Sorry that it took so long to get this up but with the holiday travelling it has been crazy trying to find the time to post! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend and snagged some cool stuff on Black Friday!

Alright let’s talk turkey!… (Just couldn’t help myself)

Top 5 Things to do After GraduationTake a Trip

I think this was what I was most excited for when I graduated. College, even an awesome college like UNC, was just holding me back from travelling! I think that regardless of who you are if you have any kind of disposable income you should use some of it to travel.

Whether you travel to an Airbnb 50 miles away or to a 5-Star Resort on the other side of the world is up to you (and your bank account). It is important that you get out of your comfort zone and do it!

Travelling can help you change and expand your mindset when it comes to the world as well as many of your own situations. You get to meet people from all walks of life and get their perspectives on things that are going on. For example while we were in Amsterdam my friends and I met a couple and while we were talking we asked them what they did and they told us that they like to sail and travel.

They asked us what we did and we all rattled off that we just graduated and the jobs that we were thinking about or had lined up when we got home. When we all finished telling them about our employment plans they looked at us and laughed a little. Then they said that when people outside the US ask, “What do you do?” they don’t mean your job, they are asking, “What do you do for fun and what do you like to do?”

Having realizations like this about the cultural differences between people is my favorite part about travelling. Here are some more of my thoughts on Travel after Graduation!

What have I done: As you may already know from some other posts on the site my friends and I did a month long trip in Europe backpacking through 10 different countries. You can save money by planning everything yourself; and we actually got through the month on about $6,000; so it can be done! Let me know in the comments if you want to hear more about how we did it!

I’ve also done a few trips around the US because the bank account has not quite recovered from Europe! Making a budget will definitely help with finding the money to travel.

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Make a Budget

I hate making budgets! It’s not fun but think of it as your first step into the “Real World.” If you are making money you need to know where it is going! If you are not making money you REALLY need to know where it’s going! The budget should be a monthly, biweekly, or weekly chore that you do no matter what.

What I do: Before I pick up a calculator or open up Excel I grab some alcohol! For me that means wine or mixed drinks. When I put everything on the spreadsheet for October I think I made a Rum Sunrise, which is just a tequila sunrise with rum instead, I highly recommend it, shout out to my boy Rob for turning me onto it.

  1. Drink in hand I go through all my purchases for the month (which is easy because I use my debit card for everything.)
  2. Next figure out how much money you made that month.
  3. And finally figure out how much you are left with when you subtract how much you spent from how much you made
  4. Pray you get a positive number!
  5. Now you get to figure out what you want to do with the rest (aka. The fun part)

Note: Obviously this a super simplified “tutorial” the real point here is that you start doing something to manage your finances and then build from there! Don’t get to step 5 and spend all the money, that is NOT what I am saying!

Make Some Money (Notice I did not say get a Job)

As much as some of us hate to admit it, money makes the world go round and it is impossible to live without it so that means you have to make some! So how do most people solve the problem of the deficit of money??? They get a job.

I think that is a perfectly reasonable solution to the problem, but I think it should be a stepping stone to better things. Don’t get a job to make money get a job to make money to start a business, or invest, or something else I can’t even think of!

Getting a job just for the money is why people stay in their jobs for 60+ years…I don’t know about you but I want to be out chilling on the beach waaaaay before that!

A “real job” is cool but I gotta tell you without even having one I can say, 9 to 5 ain’t for me!

Top 5 Things to do After Graduation

Notice they are mostly ones lol!


Here’s what I’ve been doing for money since graduation: Secret Shopping aka the people that go “undercover” and rate restaurants, part-time security job, gifts, and trying to start businesses (which is currently costing money)!

Stop living in the Past (College is over and that is OK)

Yes college has ended! It is hard I know I was there earlier this year. I still can’t believe it sometimes and it’s been 6 months! It’s like the system is setup to make you dependent and then they take it from you. Check out my thoughts on the end of college in Every Fall.

We are gonna make it through y’all no doubt in my mind!

What I do: I try to focus on the amazing things that I am doing now that I am out of college and will be doing in the future! For example I am focused on the job hunt, running this blog, making money, figuring out ways to travel, trying to be a good son, trying to be a good boyfriend, etc.

Don’t think that the End of College is the End of Learning!

This is the time to learn a new language or take a class on something that you already wanted to learn about because your mind is still in that learning/study mode. I can’t tell you how many adults have told me that they wish they had learned,“this, that and the other” while they were young. Don’t be that adult! We don’t want any regrets here!

Top 5 Things to do After Graduation

Keep on learning!

New skills and new hobbies are always great things to have and whether they make money or not they will help with your mental well-being which is priceless during your transition from college to the “real world.”

Just having something to do sometimes, makes all the difference! Now is the time!

What I do: Learning about how to have and grow a blog, how to start a business, starting my investment portfolio, running, trying to get into rock climbing, etc.

Have you done any of these things? What do you think is important now that you have graduated? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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