4 Benefits of Working Part-Time After College

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Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working part-time after college. As seen by me, a current part-timer! How to make those 40 hours work for you!

(Quick FYI: If you have a part-time job and you are working more than 40hrs a week you need to be getting some overtime!)

Here We Go!

4 Benefits of Working Part-Time After CollegeMultiple Jobs

Working part time after college gives you the opportunity to have more than one job. It also lets you see and try many things out before you settle on something. We recent college grads are notoriously indecisive, so instead of rushing straight into a career, maybe you should take some time to decide what you want to do and getting a few part-time jobs might give you just the time and experience working that you need.

Right now I have three and a half jobs! For those of you that don’t know I work a security job every day for anywhere between 4 and 12 hrs, I also work as a tutor, a mystery shopper, and I would consider work on this blog half a job because it’s all the work without any of the money right now haha! Speaking of money!

"It's a MILLENNIAL Thing!"

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I’m not gonna lie to you… part-time jobs are not going to get you a mansion. There are two reasons why. One is that you won’t be getting more than 40 hours a week and the second is that most of the time you won’t be getting a lot of money, for example at one of my jobs I make 11.74/hr. Not horrible but also not going to pay for a mansion anytime soon.

4 Benefits of Working Part-Time After CollegeHowever don’t get too discouraged, because the thing about part-time work is that you can have multiple jobs and depending on what you do, you might have a lot of down time at work. We’ve already talked about the benefits of multiple part-time jobs, but having downtime at work could be just as financially beneficial.

If you have access to a computer at work you can make money while you make money! I for example am studying for the LSAT, working to start a business, and working on my blog all while I am getting paid for my security job.

Multitasking just might get you into that mansion!!!

Continuing to Apply

Working part-time gives you time to make some decisions, and it also gives you time to get more applications out! If you are working part-time you can’t go over 40 hours a week at one job so you will probably have some free time to work on applications when you get home (or maybe even at the job).

We will talk about it more in-depth in a second, but you can also use the flexibility that part-time work allows to schedule interviews pretty much whenever during the week you want and you almost never have to worry about taking time off. If you want to know what I think about the job search click 5 Things I Hate About the Job Search Pt.1.

Flexibility/ Time Off

Probably one of my favorite things about working part-time is that (depending on where you are) you get to have a lot of flexibility in your work schedule. At my job I can take off pretty much whenever I want as long as I give my boss decent warning, which is about one week of notice.

For example, if I wanted to, I could take off the next 3 weeks and go travel and no one could really say too much about that because it’s not paid time off and it’s not like I have a set schedule there. I know most of us college kids and recent grads like to be free, and working part-time gives you much more freedom than a full-time job can. For some inspiration on travelling after college take a look at this post, Travelling.

4 Benefits of Working Part-Time After CollegeComing out of college I think it is important to have that freedom to travel and do things with your friends. It is great to have that free and flexible time when you are retired, but I want to do amazing things now because you never know what might happen between now and retirement. Here’s a list of things you should do after college, Top 5 Things To Do After Graduation.


Think of this post as a part one because the next one will be some of the problems that I have found with working part-time. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine!

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So what did you do when you left college? What is your favorite thing about working part-time? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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