Gift Giving Guide For Every Stage of the Relationship

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Your last minute guide to giving gifts to your significant other, in every stage of the relationship! So you haven’t bought anything yet, and you’re not sure if you should? Well don’t worry this post is all for you! For Christmas, Birthdays, and everyday in between!

Gift Giving Guide For Every Stage of the RelationshipFriends with Benefits

If you are in the friends with benefits stage think very hard before you get you your FRIEND a gift!…

Still want to get them something?…Think Harder!

When you are you are in the “Friends with Benefits Zone” you should not be expecting a gift, nor should you be expected to give one. The foundation of this stage is built on the fact that very few feelings are involved.

Giving or receiving a gift at Christmas time is basically saying, “Here these are my feelings”, or “Please take my feelings”! Neither of which is an appropriate sentiment if your goal is to continue on in this stage of the relationship.

However, if your goal is to change stages this holiday season then buying a gift here might be a good move. I wouldn’t go to extravagant with the gift though, if you feel like you have to buy a gift, then I would not go past the dating section below to see the type you should get.

In reality, their favorite candy with a bow on it or a gift card to there favorite fast food restaurant, we are talking a $10 gift card, is more than enough! (Chipotle might be too much.)

Be Warned: I’d say you have at best a 50/50 shot of getting into the dating or relationship zone with this, otherwise you will be in the “Used to Have an FWB and Now I am Sad” zone. And no one wants to be there so be careful out here!

If you are looking to change your stage or label this holiday season checkout these two posts!

Reasons People Want to Label Relationships 

Reasons People DON’T Want to Label Relationships

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This is the first stage where you are probably expected to get a gift. Do you need to though? Depends…

If you have known each other for a while (a month or more) you should get them a gift, but if your first date was last week then there might be a little more gray area.

Let’s play it safe though and get them a gift. But what kind of gift?

Don’t feel like you need to buy something, that being said here is a list of things you could do for gifts in the dating stage.

The List

  1. Go see a Christmas themed movie, lots of them come out around Christmas! Go figure!
  2. Other Christmas themed dates… caroling, Christmas themed play, looking at Christmas lights, walking through the city in the snow depending on where you live. (It’s 53° and sunny in Charlotte right now on December 18th.)
  3. Cook Dinner for them.
  4. Do some detective work and find something to buy for them. It’s gonna really help if you have been taking note of the things they talk about needing, but if you haven’t… like most of us… Take a look at these awesome gift giving guides. Him and Her

Just an FYI I think at this stage you will probably be spending Christmas with your own families so these gifts should be given before or immediately after the big day.Gift Giving Guide For Every Stage of the Relationship

In A Relationship

Without a doubt you are getting a gift for your partner, the only question is what should the budget be? Let’s look at how much time you two have been together! (Not how long you have been in a relationship but together in any type of romantic capacity.)

1 to 6 Months: $50 Limit

At this point you should be giving pretty decent gifts. You don’t have to break the bank, but you should probably come stronger than a card that says, “I like you a lot!”. Unless of course your girlfriend/ boyfriend is into that. If not think about getting them something that they could use!

Ex. If you know that they like books then checkout a book list. If they like being on their phone get them a portable charger. For me, I really want an aux cord for my car! I’m not sure why, but I have been too cheap to buy one so that is definitely going to be on my list this year.

6 to 12 Months: $100 Limit

You should have a pretty good idea of what they like and don’t like! If you don’t this is your wake up call that you should start paying a little more attention.

This is the easiest of all the parts of all the stages because you know them well enough to know what they are into and you still haven’t been together long enough to have gotten them everything that they want. This is the sweet spot so if you are here don’t mess it up.

For my people that know what their significant other is into buy it. I think that is pretty straight forward…

For my people that don’t I refer you to this gift list: Him and Her

More than a Year: No Limit 

Unfortunately, if you have been together for more than a year you are probably running out of gifts to give you may be feel like you have run out of ideas. This is the time where I would suggest you do the most simple thing ever. Just ask!

At this point you have done the romantic, sweet, cute, thoughtful, and extravagant gifts. I would argue that you should definitely know by this point what they want, but if you just happen to be a horrible gift giver than go ahead and ask. At this point they should know that you aren’t good at coming up with your own gifts, and if they have stayed with you this long than they are probably OK with it!


This is a special category. As such it comes at the end with a little asterisk(*). There are dates and there are relationships, but there are very few soulmates. Someone that you think you could not possibly live your life without.

So at any stage of the relationship (even though I think you should follow the order that they are in) if you have the overwhelming feeling that the person you are seeing is your soulmate then maybe look into some gifts like this:

Grand Romantic Gestures

We are talking serenading them in the restaurant with the song that was playing when you first kissed. Re-uniting them with their long lost sibling. Just think shock and awe!

Not saying that I thought she was my soulmate, but I am quite the romantic at heart so senior year of high school I made my crush a sculpture out of Ritz Crackers and orange Tic Tacs, because I knew they were her favorite. That’s how I asked her to prom, and she said yes!!!

If it has ever happened in a romantic comedy and you were thinking, “WOW, that would be amazing!”, then you are on the right track!

Life Experiences

This one might be a little difficult depending on how much money you and your partner make, but having life experiences together is a fantastic gift. Also a great way to fall deeper in love with each other. For example pick something that you have both always wanted to do and never had the time for or never got around to.

Gift Giving Guide For Every Stage of the RelationshipFor example:


Scuba Diving


Travelling out of the Country

Going on a Cruise

You can tell from this list that I love travelling!

The point here is that you want to do something with them that will be a big deal for both of your lives. Once you think they are your soulmate you should be working to build memories and a life with them so doing amazing things together is a great way to start that off!


Alright hopefully this article has given you some direction on the kinds of gifts you need to be looking for based on the stage of the relationship you are in!

What did you think of the article? What are you getting for your significant other? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more articles on dating and relationships every week!

Good luck out there y’all!

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