Single’s Guide: New Year’s Eve

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I don’t care what people say the holidays are a perfect time to be single! I’m single right now, and here are 7 tips to make the most of this New Year’s Eve and the rest of 2018! These are my trade secret’s y’all so don’t use them lightly!

1. Make Plans (Lots of Plans)

Better to have too many than not enough!!!

Text everyone on your contact list that you could stand to hangout with! You don’t just want to text the people that are movers and shakers you want to really survey the field for available parties and events.

Also don’t just text the people you have been crushing, on trying to get an invite to their plans. That’s not a good look! But, if you have plans of your own and you are comparing plans with them to figure out what you two should do together, that is totally different!

That strategy could land you a New Year’s date!

2. Get a Group 2+

It always helps to have someone with you that you know! That way if everything goes wrong you can still hangout with them. Every good wingman knows that they are primarily out to help their friend and they are also the consolation prize if the worst should happen and their friend is turned down.

When you are deciding who should join your entourage you should think diversity! (Obviously I’m not asking you to get people solely based off whether or not they add diversity, but stick with me!)

Gender Diversity

It makes you more approachable… Most guys would feel at least a little bit intimidated by the prospect of having to approach a whole group of girls to talk to the one that he wanted to. Most girls would feel the same way if it were a group of guys.

Gender diversity will really help you meet people because you instantly become more approachable if someone sees you conversing with a gender diverse crowd.

Ethnic Diversity

People have types! I am not going to lie to you some people are generally more likely to try and strike up a romantic conversation with someone who looks a certain way. Sometimes this works out for you, sometimes it doesn’t; but, the thing about having a group is that the cute girl that is into your Asian friend also has friends. And guess what? Her friends are into White, Black, or Hispanic guys.

The wonders of being in a group! Just by being around more people you are upping your chances of meeting someone, or better yet being introduced to someone.

The other great thing about ethnic diversity and diversity in general is that you are NOT in constant competition with your friends. If you are all very different than you are not being compared to each other but rather being judged by potential mates against there own mental criteria.

Singles Guide: New Year's Eve

For example: If a group of 5 straight white guys walk into a bar and a girl they are all interested notices them what happens? Assuming she is out looking to make a connection with a guy, she starts to look them up and down and studies them a little bit to see which of them she wants to talk to or would be the most receptive to if he approaches her.

If she were just looking at one guy she would have to judge him based off some mental picture of what she sees as attractive. Of course that mental image is very fluid. She may find things cute about him that she might not on someone else.

In this situation it is more likely that instead of choosing to use her own mental parameters for a possible match she instead compares them to each other. This makes some of them instantly less attractive then others. Those guys that find themselves in the “less attractive” camp are going to have a more difficult time. Of course everyone finds different things attractive. The guys who are the closest to current standards of beauty are obviously going to do better.

So if you want to maximize your chances ethnic diversity will definitely help the entire group. Unless of course you know that you are the most attractive in your group of clones! Then by all means go out with a group of your “less attractive” friends, they will probably not appreciate that though.

(Speaking in total hypotheticals when it comes to the “less attractive” group I have no idea what it’s like to be in that group! Just kidding lol!)

Motivation Diversity

This one is important for a different reason than the others. It really benefits a group to have someone that is not really focused on hooking up with anyone or finding someone to date. This person lets the group do their thing, but reminds everyone that it is still fun to just hangout with friends and be together!

They will get annoying, but this is arguably the most important person on the team!

Regardless of the reasons that everyone is going out it benefits everyone in the group. The majority of people will be going out on New Year’s Eve (as well as every other night) in order to meet people. So get out there and meet people and if you can bring a group!!!

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3. Get Dressed for the Occasion

Yeah some days you just go out in whatever you had on already, or just throw on jeans and a shirt.

New Year’s Eve is not one of those days.

You just throwing on jeans and a shirt while everyone else is dressed to the nines is basically the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight…

You will lose! Dating is a game so lets play it!

Some of that Christmas bonus and gift money that you haven’t blown yet goes to new clothes, specifically for New Year’s Eve! I’ll be headed to the store later to get some clothes cause I want to look good! This applies whether you are going to a party or to the bars, because you never know who will be there!

As for what you should get, think about the coolest guy or girl that you have seen in movies. The one with the most game and confidence and just copy that. Have that general idea in your mind when you head to the store and just make a day of putting together the perfect thing! The sales associates will help if you are nice to them! Trust me they are bored out of their minds!

If you don’t want to get new clothes then take that image of what you want to look like and head to the closet! You are going to have to be much more creative, but you will probably be able to get close.

4. Go to Parties/Bars

Plural! The reason that we wanted to get so many invites in the first place is so we don’t have to stay at one place for the entire night if it turns out to be lame! (See the strategy! As a single person you always gotta be thinking!) I don’t want any of you to get stuck at some crappy party with no back-up options.

In a perfect world you would go to a party and you would know about 30-40% of the people there and mingle with the rest. That other 60-70% of the crowd would be very attractive, in a perfect world. That should be what you are looking for throughout the night if you decide on the party route.

You probably don’t have to leave if the stats are a little off, but if your party differs greatly from these guidelines it might be time to skip out! I’d say you should play it by ear though, because you may be having a lot of fun. At the end of the day that’s what its all about. If the main goal though is to find someone to date or go home with you should stick close to the 30/70 ratio.

Singles Guide: New Year's Eve

At the bar dynamic changes a little bit.

You have to do MUCH less work to head to the next bar on New Year’s. Most of the time all you need to do is be 21 and walk in! This is good and bad for you my single friend.

On the one hand you could meet a lot of different people throughout the night without too much legwork on your part.

However, with people being recycled so fast you will have to work extra hard to make a connection with someone before you, or they are headed to the next bar. I also talk about this in my Singles Guide to Halloween.

Most important rule of the bar go with people! Like I was saying in the groups category diversity is key!

5. Get Contact Info (Even if you aren’t sure you want it)

Head over to my Halloween for Singles post! Scroll down to the picture of me and the beautiful girl in a matching costume…Notice that I don’t know her name… her number… email… carrier pigeon whistle… or ANYTHING ELSE! Don’t be me! You can read some of that story here!

If you have been talking to someone at the bar or the party and you think you are kind of hitting it off, always try to get their number. Even if you aren’t 100% sure that you want it. DO NOT let your impaired/drunk brain make that call for you. Think it over the next day when you are scrolling back through your camera reel.

People like to say that the worst scenario is that the other person says no. I think that the WORST scenario is when they would have said yes and you didn’t even try! So don’t be me and always get that contact info.

Or why not take it a step further and set-up a date!

6. Don’t Get Stupid Drunk

I have nothing against turning up on New Year’s Eve, but you always have to ask yourself, “What is my goal?” If it is to drink Everclear all night and wakeup sometime on January 3rd then by all means drink up!

(Please don’t that is a horrible idea!!! Be responsible!)

If your goal is to find someone to hookup with or date then keep your wits about you. This is not the time to be throwing up all over your friends and struggling to put a coherent sentence together. (Granted I don’t really know that there is ever a time for that!) Even if there were a time for that kind of behavior, it is not New Year’s Eve because there is too much at stake!

You need to know your limits so that you can stay on the lookout for Mr. or Ms. Right!

7. Get a Designated Driver or Uber Everywhere

Really ties into the last one well. Drunk driving is no joke y’all! Stay safe and let someone else drive you around that night. This section is gonna sound like a PSA and I’m ok with that!


You might kill yourself. You might kill someone else. You might kill me!Please be responsible and if you see someone who is considering drunk driving please take their keys. If you are at a bar give them to the bartender. The bar will be investigated if the person ends up getting pulled over. So the bartender should be more than happy to take them and call a cab for the person. If you are at a party have them sleep over or get a ride back.

Whatever inconvenience it causes the person the next day is worth saving their life!

If you read this I am now expecting you to take action!

Wrap- Up

I realize we ended a little heavy, but New Year’s Eve is going to be a super fun night no matter what you do! I plan on implementing both bar and party strategies. With any luck I will get a kiss when the clock strikes 12!

If everything works out here are some more tips on Dating and Relationships!

And if not, no worries, you can curl up and watch these Movies!

Let me know in the comments below what you are going to be doing for New Year’s Eve! Do you think you’ll try some of my suggestions or do you already have a master plan? Let me know!!!



  1. Solid tips… Something for everyone. Find those germaine to you and Happy New Year everyone!

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