Things to do After College: Run a Marathon

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Life After College can be a scary thing! You have a set goal and then all of a sudden you can do whatever you want. It’s weird to say, but the options are suffocating! I’ve been racking my brain over what I want to do everyday since graduation. I finally said, “Enough is enough just pick something.” Let’s run a marathon!

My Training

I am just wrapping up my 6th week of marathon training and it is kicking my butt!

No lie, on days when I do long runs I am lucky if I don’t immediately fall asleep and wake up confused and sore the next day. Think about it like getting really drunk without any of the fun parts.

As part of my training I am doing a half marathon March 3rd in Myrtle beach with one of my friends. Katie is also an avid runner so fingers crossed she won’t leave me behind. Katie if you leave me behind we will have words…assuming that I catch up! 

For an actual break down of my training routine head over to Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 workout plan here.

How is running a Marathon going to help you get your life together?

It’s not! Next question…

But seriously, whether or not it helps you get your life completely together is not the point. I have noticed from a lot of people in the Millennial age group that we think there is a specific point when we grow up. Like we flip the switch and all of a sudden we are there.

The problem with this is growing up is not like flipping a switch. It is a lifelong journey.

There are many problems with the school system, but one of the big ones is that it basically sets us up for this existential crisis the second that we leave college. You can read about that in this post about the End of College.


Every Fall…

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Why You Should Just Pick Something!

If you only ever do things that you can see benefitting you in some grand way down the line your 20s, 30s, and 40s are going to be pretty sad. Maybe one day when you are old you will have finally been able to do something but that is a pretty big risk. This assumes you don’t die and absolutely nothing came along to throw a wrench in your plan. Those are some pretty big assumptions.

Don’t procrastinate your life away! The average person in the United States lives about 79 years. That’s 4108 weeks. I am turning 23 on Feb 1st so technically I’ve already used 1196 of those so I have 2912 left…

Oh my god where has all the time gone??????

If you spend a week or two thinking about every one of your decisions before you make them you are seriously cutting down on the time that you get to live!

Running a marathon is not about choosing the right thing, but it is about having the courage to choose something. It is an 18 week commitment to myself, and as far as I am concerned it is a huge step up from just sitting in the house considering options.

So What Should You Do?

You could run a marathon. You could do any of a billion other things.

Just pick something…

And then something else…

And then you look up and you have lived a life full of things that you chose. At least that is how I plan on doing it! Don’t listen to The Noise!

And be sure to make the most of all of your weeks!!!


The Noise


What are you choosing to do now that you are a “real person”? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Do you like shorter posts like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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