5 Steps to Supercharge Your Online Dating Performance

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Welcome to the era of internet dating! I know you’ve done it before there’s no shame in it. You can fight it all you want, but it seems like internet dating is here to stay…so we might as well get good at it!

PS. This post is going to focus mostly on dating apps with a swipe feature. This is because I only have experience with those, and most of you are probably not on match.com…Even though their new commercial swears you are!

5. Figure Out Why You’re Using the Site

Why are you swiping through (insert newest swipe based dating app)?

  • Do you want a relationship?
  • Friends with benefits?
  • One night stand?
  • Validation of your attractiveness?

This is probably the most important thing you need to think about if you want to Supercharge Your Online Dating Profile. Everything you do from here on is to get you to that goal.

PAUSE: I’m NOT saying do whatever it takes to get laid… don’t be that person!

Don’t lie to get people to sleep with you, and don’t lie to get into a relationship with someone (can’t gloss over that second one).

Alright PSA over!

The profile of someone that is looking for a one-night stand is going to be very different than someone that is looking for a long term relationship. As you keep reading think about what you are looking for on the dating app!

Pro Tip: Although they might all look very similar different dating apps are better for different things. For instance, if I were looking for a relationship I would choose Bumble or Plenty of Fish over Tinder.


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4. The Presence

5 Steps to Supercharge Your Online Dating Performance

This is an easy one, the more you are on the site the more likely you are to get a match. If you aren’t on the site and swiping/ liking/ giving some notification of interest you aren’t going to have anyone to talk to.

Don’t think about this like a job though. It’s not.

If you don’t swipe today they will be there tomorrow. However, keeping that presence on the app everyday can definitely boost the likelihood that you will see matches.

Now who should you be swiping right on? That’s on you! Can’t help you there lol!

If you aren’t sure you should definitely scroll back up and Figure Out Why You’re Using the Site. That is step 1!

Pro Tip: Don’t get too invested in who you are swiping right on. It only matters if they swipe on you too. So look, swipe, and then move on. No catching feels before you match yall!

Maybe don’t swipe right on everyone…I do it…but, I see the issue with it and that is the first step in fixing any problem!

3. The Bio

Oh cool you like Netflix? Congratulations, you’re a human being!

Let’s dig a little deeper darling!

The best advice I can give you for this section is STAND OUT!

Here is my bio breakdown 20% should be stuff that is super common.

  • This is the part where you get to talk about liking Netflix, travelling, and how you like to go to the beach.

The other 80% should be things that make you different from everyone else, things that people would want to know about.

  • This is the part where you put the things that can’t be guessed just by looking at you. For example I would write that I am a marathoner, blogger, and scuba diver. Things like this invite more of a conversation than, “I like that too.”
  • They also help me meet people that are interested in that kind of thing, but may not have written about it in their bio. (Share my article with them)

My suggestion: Keep it short and interesting! Also bullet points are your friends, nobody jumps on a dating app to read the book that is your life!






This will really help when it comes to having a conversation in the DMs.


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2. Linking Your Account to Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

A lot of people overlook this when they are creating a dating profile. It is optional and not that many people see the reason to do it, but I think it can only help.

There have been at least a few times that I swiped right on someone without reading their bio, because of the song that they had chosen as their anthem! Or, the song at the top of their recent list on Spotify.

Linking Instagram
  • Gives people a little more of a look into who you are
  • Gets around the photo limit
  • You don’t have to put as much effort into updating your pictures on the dating app all the time.
Linking Facebook
  • You can see if you have friends in common (get that IRL introduction)
  • Odds are the person you are talking to is not a catfish
Linking Spotify
  • Gives you something else to connect over
  • Gives the other person a hint about your personality
  • Helps spread the music you like (if you care about stuff like that lol)

Pro Tips: Linking other profiles is not for everyone. In fact if you are looking for a one-night stand I would actually suggest that you don’t link anything. It’s probably not that important to you if you have mutual friends with your fling.

1. The Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words! (Is what you thought I was gonna say, but I would NEVER be that cliché!) Especially when people only look at that picture for about 2 seconds before they decide to swipe left or right.

In 2 SECONDS, your pictures have to make someone want to talk to you.

There are a few ways to get someone to swipe right on you:

  • Sexy/Cute
    • This is the most common way people improve their matches. Having pictures that make you look super hot or cute is a very good way to get more attention.
    • It is a fact of life that people like attractive people
  • Exciting
    • Shows that you are a person that is involved in things that others might find interesting
    • If someone I want to message has a picture of themselves rock climbing or snowboarding then I instantly have something to talk about
  • Niche
    • Strategy for the bold and is the least common type of picture I’ve seen
    • Pictures of you and your friends playing dungeons and dragons, going to civil war reenactments, or of your coin collection.
    • Either give you an instant connection with someone or make them think you are weird… 0 or 100! We don’t have time for lukewarm conversation!

My suggestion: 1-2 of each category

This way you can vary your matches because different types of people, with different intentions, will be responding to each of these photo types…Differently!

High Stakes Bonus Round: The Conversation!!!

5 Steps to Supercharge Your Online Dating Performance

Well if you got all the way down here then congratulations you have a match! Now all you have to do is not mess it up! Just hold an engaging, flirtatious, and non-threating conversation with a complete stranger that you met online.

You know… the easy stuff!

In all seriousness, holding a conversation in the DMs of a dating app could be a full post on its own. So it will be! Coming Soon… Dating Apps, Conversations in the DMs!

We Made It!

I hope these tips help you find what you’re looking for in the online dating world! There is no doubt in my mind that using these tips will help you Supercharge Your Online Dating Performance!

Just remember that there’s a whole big world out there where you can meet people too!

Do you like online dating? What tips and tricks do you use to get those sweet, sweet swipes? Let me know in the comments below!!!


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