About J-Free

Full-time college graduate, and part-time blogger, welcome to the part of the site that lets you get to know me, J-Free!

Little Bit of Background

My name is Jeffrey Cooper… which you may know from somewhere else on the site, but I bet you didn’t know I was named after my dad so technically my name is Jeffrey I. Cooper II. And my middle name will forever be a mystery.

Family is super important to me and so is travel, which are both super cliché. Working to find the meaning of life is also pretty high on my list of goals, aka the only practical use for a philosophy degree (I have a BA in Philosophy and Global Studies).

I really wish that my degrees were Bachelor of Science instead of Bachelor of Arts though cause for the past couple months they have felt like a lot of BS….holds for applause and laughter…*crickets*

My favorite things in the world to do are draw, scuba dive, travel, and be with people that I love!


My Credentials

Ok, let’s talk credentials. My body of work and experience that I have accumulated over 22 years that marks me as an expert in Dating and Relationships, Movie Reviews, and Life After College.

Some men have devoted their whole life to understanding just one of these subjects but I intend to tackle all three!


Dating and Relationships

When it comes to Dating and Relationships I would say that I have a lot of experience in the first and close to none in the second! I have been on a bunch of dates some good, some bad, and some exceedingly average. Multiple head-over-heels and heartbreaks later I can say that I know a thing or two about dating.

Relationships are new ground for me; I think a high estimate would say that I’ve been in three, which, I’ve been told, is uncommon of most 22-year-olds. So unlike other people who talk about them I can give you the perspective of someone who is currently in a relationship with his first girlfriend ever. That wide eyed optimism that some of the people that have been in a bunch of relationships might have to look a little harder to find.

Movie Reviews

I could measure my life in movies!

At any given point I am probably on my way to watch a movie or just coming from watching a movie. No joke I am watching a movie as I write this, the Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad (I’ll probably do a review on this one I think it’s super funny).

I can quote most of the movies I own word for word and I am also one of the people that regularly throw movie references into casual conversation. A couple of my best friends and I have talked for full days in movie quotes! Yes, I know we are cool no need to tell me!

So if all of this has not served to convince you that I am a movie nerd I can tell you that freshman year of college two of my friends and I watched Pixar’s The Incredibles over 150x and I was never bored of it. There were more than a few days when we would watch it 3x in a row! I am amazingly excited for the sequel that has been announced for 2018!!!

I also slept through a global cinema class in college, except the day they played Kung Fu Hustle, so I am pretty official!

Life After College

Currently living it!

Every second of my life gives me more experience in this category in fact you could put all of the others into this one because I am currently dating and getting into relationships after college and reviewing movies after college!

Finding a job, a place to live, an overall purpose or goal for life going forward, these are all things I am trying to do right now so when I talk about my struggle or give tips you know that it was probably something that just happened to me or something that I just found out works or didn’t work, at the very least it is something I am willing to try with you!


Why did I Start Blogging?

If I can promise you one thing here it will be honesty, whether that means telling you the full story of a heartbreak or talking about my adventures after college I want you to know that I am trying to be completely honest.

I started blogging because the job search is killing me and watching people that go into work every day and hate their jobs scares me so I wanted to see if I could start something of my own, that can let me help people and give me enough money to live and do the things I want to do.

That’s why I do it!

So what have we learned so far? Little bit about me, my credentials, and why I wanted to start the blog.

Honestly, I am super surprised that any of you have made it this far down the page but really appreciate it and hope you find something on the site that you really connect with and if you have any suggestions for posts head over to the contact page and let me know what you want to see!

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